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Multi devices


Easily collect, store, download and archive students' digital homework

Eliminate costly printing, tracking and management of hard copies

Eliminate the risk of missing homework on due date

Improve teachers and students communication

Main features

Teachers retain all homework files in one secure cloud platform

Studydaddy Homework Help Drive platform allows you manage, catalogue, tag and store all of students digital media homework files in one location: Word and Excel document, video, pictures, screenshots, PDFs and audio digital media files.

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flat mobile devices
flat mobile devices

Students securely upload their homework files

Since there may be many participants to a homework, the ability to access homework in a timely and efficient manner becomes an imperative. With Homeworkd Drive, you will determine who has authorized access and who is notified of the distribution of homework files. With our advanced security configuration, your files will be safe while the distribution will be controlled by you.

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Teachers control access levels and content that is distributed

One of the great features of homeworkdrive is the ability to control access to homework files. Our proscribed authorization hierarchies give you the flexibility to manage this access.

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flat mobile devices
flat mobile devices

Teachers document every student who accesses the Homework Help Drive platform, every time it is accessed

Homework Help Drive records every action taken on a stored file. Since you have already determined who can access the homework file, you will also know what actions were taken with an item and since each access is time stamped you can create a report that details all the activity of each students.

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The homeworkdrive's platform

is perfect for managing digital homework files.



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